Leaves Fall

Leaves fall.

That is the "secret" of life. It speaks more profoundly of the truth of life than all the voluminous tomes ever written on the subject throughout the ages.

Leaves fall, dying.

But in dying, they nurture the next generation of trees, bushes, flora, etc. In dying, they continue to "live" in the next generation of life. They never really "die". They live on. And so it is with us. We "die" but we do not die. We live on...in some way.

Whatever that way may be, however you believe it to be, if you remember that we live on, then life and death become simply the natural "turning of the wheel". There is nothing to be scared of, nothing to fear.

There is only LIFE...

Leaves fall, but they live on. We, too, fall. But we, too, live on. So, live well, live free, and bring light to the next generation...