Great Writing

Here is one of the greatest of all speeches ever made. Millions of Americans have probably heard it, heard of it or read of it in some way. But we can use it in another way: as an exercise in great writing.

If you' would improve your writing style, if you would enhance the impact of your writing, read the words of this speech in your own words, your own (quiet) and unique style. Feel the speech in your gut.

Feel the language pattern. Feel the flow of the words. Pretend YOU are the one speaking or writing it or as if you're in a play, dramatizing it. By this means alone, you can improve not only your writing, but also your command of the English language.

I'd suggest that you read the text first in the way prescribed above, and then listen to the speech. See if the actual speech then makes a more memorable impact on you.

Here it is: Martin Luther King's "I Have A Dream"