Witnessing To Our Own Lives

We write because we must, we write because we are members of the human race. From the beginning of humankind to the present, we as a race have always been attempting to communicate in one way or another.

Writing is one of those ways.

We write because we're human. And we have stories to tell. Stories of love, of romance, of heroic struggles. We write because deep within us we must tell our stories, lest they (and the memory of "us") be lost to the winds of time. We write because we want to leave a legacy, a memory, in order that others may know that we had passed this way, and that we had lived.

Thus we write as a witness to our lives -- for ourselves and for posterity.

I'm not a professional author. I have no bestsellers on the market. Neither am I a professor of languages, nor a teacher of writing. I write only for my own pleasure. I write because I must. I write as a witness to my own life.

Writing, then, is all about LIFE...about OUR lives, and writing thus becomes the instrument we use to explore it.