The Gift Of Life

A poem I wrote more than 15 years ago, on a dark lonely night, when hope was dim, and faith was dying, and fear encircled me all around

Through life I wandered,
I was alone,
Lost in a wilderness,
Where light never shone.
Looking for love in all the wrong places,
Looking for love in too many faces,
Hoping i things that always past,
Hoping in things that never last.

Then came You to me, You said "Come home,
"Come with Me, I'll set you free, I'll give you Life
and lead you home"

Beauty flows like a stream,
Into the River of my life,
And that River becomes a Sea,
Abounding in love for all Eternity.

And now, though the nights be long, yet a light shall shine;
A Light that shines as flames of fire, and it changes water into wine.
Now, as an eagle am I, in flight,
Winging through the greatest heights,
For You, O Lord, You gave I the Gift Of Life.