The Lesson Of The Deleted Threads

Deleted forum threads are like life itself...

Sometimes we know why...and often times we have no inkling why. And no explanation is forthcoming from the moderators. Pretty frustrating, I know. Just like when things happen and we don't know why and we question God, or whoever or whatever it is you believe (or don't believe) in.


And the heavens are silent.

We are then left with 3 possible options.

1. Scream and whine -- "It's unfair!" -- blame the whole world and refuse to participate anymore.

2. Take it in stride, accept the pain, embrace it, understand it and move on with life.

3. Lie down and die

In a forum, things may happen exactly like that. As the sayings go, "Life Happens" and "Sh*t Happens".

How you react/respond is up to you. Just like Life.

Now, shall we dance?