Willowy Mist Still

In an earlier post, I wrote a three-line poem entitled "Willowy Mists". It goes like this:

Amid willowy mists I stand,
Waters beckon to fallen leaves,
Shadows dance on the lake.

Again and again events in life confirm that simple piece of wisdom. Just this morning I saw my old neighbour getting ready to go out -- locking the gate, umbrella at the ready. I've seen her walking out many times before this and have given her many lifts.

But today was different...

In the morning, she was ready to go out (maybe to look for friends, maybe to buy groceries, etc). But in the evening, I heard that she had passed away. Just like that.

What happen?

I have no idea. Accident? Old age, illness?

All I know is this: life is fleeting, time passes very fast, and things change. We must appreciate what we have now while we strive for what we want...