Can I Hear You When You Write?

“Friends, Romans and countrymen, lend me your ears…and I will show you the power to write like a god”

Too bold?


Yes, be still, and listen…

And I will tell you a tale of magic.

Writing magic.


I like reading online forums late at night, with some slow, earthy and even homely voice singing on the radio. Reminds me of those nights long ago, when we used to go camping, and the fire's burning low, and voices speaking in low tones, the light of the campfire reflected on boyish faces...

Faces full of hopes, dreams, adventures...

I've looked long and hard for a "voice" online that'd speak to me like that, but sadly, there aren't all too many of those around these days.

Too many of today's business writers have no depth, no voice. There is no soul behind the writing.

People long, no, they YEARN for such a voice, such a soul, behind the writing. They do not put it in so many words, but what they're looking for is to connect with the human being behind the words.

Will you write with voice, with soul, with heart, with HUMANITY showing from within? The world needs such a voice, they yearn for it. Will you be that voice?

Now remember this name: Paul "Zen Redneck" Myers.

Etch it in your memory. Because he can teach you a thing or two about writing – writing with power.

Paul Myers remains one of the very, very, very few people I still read online. Because he has what he advocates in his writings: his own literary voice; all his own and nobody else's. And behind those words, behind that voice, I have glimpsed what I have been alluding all along -- the human element: humanity.

When you have a certain voice of your own, when your humanity shows forth, you have a kind of moral force and conviction behind your thoughts, which in turn reveals itself in your writing.

Everyone has that humanity. It is in everyone. It is in you. You need to let it out in your writing.

Recently on Twitter, in response to someone else's comment that Paul hasn't disappointed anyone yet, I quipped, "Well, he's nowhere near as good-lookin' as Richard Gere". Well, that he isn't, and he's no Shakespeare either (one is enough, ask any high-school kid who has ever been forced to read him), but he does have a voice, and he shows us there's a human being behind that writing.

The worst thing you can do when it comes to writing, is to neglect to learn from him. Writing is a multi-faceted jewel, and Paul's work will help you polish that jewel.

I like to think I'm somewhat a person of discerning taste...ahem...when it comes to a few things: actions (behavior), speech, food (in this respect, I, too, am a person of a little substance, particularly around the waist), reading and writing.

Especially reading. I always pick and choose what I will and will not read.

I've read what seemed like gazillions of books on the subject of writing: non-fiction, fiction, poetry, etc., etc. I consider myself to have some facility in dramatizing ideas, and I have some clue about writing.

Most importantly, I have a certain “voice”. My own voice. And that voice speaks to my specific type of reader. (I promise to show you samples of my writing so you can judge for yourself. More on that later)

I’m going to give you a small gift – one that will help you to find that voice in you. A voice that comes from inside you, and speaks to that specific type of reader only you can reach.

It’s a PDF by Paul Myers. It’s called “Finding Your Voice”, and it's free.

Long, long ago, I read in the poetry section of Grolier's Encyclopaedia that a person who had developed some facility with poetry will tend to have a powerful command of the English language. Since then I've developed an appreciation of poetry and have written some. Not to woo women and not to move nations, not even to talk the birds down from trees, but just to practice my English.

Paul advocates mastering writing humor. I believe it improves your writing, much the same way poetry improves your English.

It's true.

Poetry does improve your command of English, way beyond what you could imagine. In the same vein, after reading one of Paul’s work, I can tell you that you can improve your command of writing, to a degree you'd never have imagined, if you really apply yourself to its lessons.

And if I may exaggerate a little, you can write like a god.

Writing is magic; and if you meditate upon, apply and practice the ideas in Paul’s work, you can write to woo women, you can write to move nations, and more mundanely, you can write to move products.

You can do magic.

Believe me.

If you know how.

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