Filming Poetry

"Amid willowy mists I stand
Waters beckon to fallen leaves,
Shadows dance on the lake"


We live in a world that is too speeded up.

We need to slow down to the speed of life, as the title of a popular book suggests. We need to slow down to allow our souls to catch up to our bodies.

One way I do that is by writing poetry. In order to write poetry, we need to slow down long enough to catch the nuances, details and rhythms of whatever is happening.

And in the very act of doing that, we grow calm; we experience a kind of quiet. And life becomes peaceful again -- for that moment.

If you don't write, you could film your own poems. Use your camcorder to capture beautiful scenes of nature or quiet moments of connections between people. Feel your feelings at those times, and record them in words with your camcorder.

Then transcribe those words, and then include them in your video as a written poem.

Insert some quiet, tranquil music.

And there you have your video-poem. It's not that hard.

Remember the online video "Interview With God"?. That was a video-poem. A very well-produced one.

Why not try it?

You may yet discover the poet within.

Sandford Lyne's book "Writing Poetry From The Inside Out: Finding Your Voice Through The Craft Of Poetry" is an incredible guide for this, even if you have never written poetry before.

See the three-line poem at the beginning? I wrote that simply after seeing the layout of a blog theme.

You can do the same. Write poetry, I mean :-)