What The Internet Is All About

Internet Marketing is still but one part of the Internet experience, though hard to see because we are, after all, IMers and we're hanging out and discussing this in a marketing forum.

But the Internet, per se, was never about doing things either TO or FOR people. It was about, and will continue to be about, doing things WITH people.

After both you and I and everyone else here is long dead and gone, the Internet will still be here...perhaps in another more evolved form, but the major use of the Net would still be doing things WITH people.

Regardless of the thousands and millions made (and to be made) in marketing, doing things WITH people can only enrich our experience and make it more human. We are, after all, humans, and whether sharing stories by the firelight in a cave or sharing jokes on the Net, we still retain the primal need to connect at the level of our humanity.

And if we neglect to do that, whether by treating others as objects, "customers", etc., we lose a little part of that humanity in the very act, at the moment of that act. And that is when, at the end of the day, when the sun has set, and we are alone in the den, that is when we ask ourselves (perhaps forlornly) "Is that all there is?"