Not all of us know it, but we're all on a journey of redemption; to feel whole, to find our humanity --again
So much of what we take for granted is simply "programmed" information - ideas and concepts that have been inculcated in us since we were young - by parents and teachers, as well as religious and political leaders. In this 25 page discover the 7 mind-control systems that are used to enslave the "masses", and reveal a powerful counter-thought strategy that will enable you to break out into a new world of freedom and prosperity.

It Is Not Who I Am Inside That Defines Me

In a scene from the movie “Batman Begins”, the Dark Knight said to Rachel (the DPP) “It is not what I am inside but what I do that defines me”.

Is that true?

If so, does that negate all those “It’s what’s you are inside that counts” philosophies?

I find myself haunted by that phrase. Because if I substitute the words “who I am” with any of the following, I find myself being confronted by my responsibility for my actions and consequences.

The substitute words:

- what I feel

- what I think

- what I intent

- how angry I get

- how “motivated” I am

- how much (or lack of) money I have

- what IM ebooks/memberships/courses/etc I’ve bought

- insert any other reason or excuse you can think of

“It’s not (insert the substitutes here) but what I do that defines me (or my character/life/success/destiny/results/etc)”

“It’s not who I am but what I do that defines me”

“It’s not who I am but what I do that defines me“

That is a scary proposition. That sets up a standard that brooks no excuse for not doing what needs to be done...and for stopping what shouldn’t be done. Much harder than staying comfy in my own little zone, choosing to believe what I believe, and using those “beliefs” to justify that “who I am” precludes my doing/not doing something, thereby excusing the results (or lack thereof) that I’m experiencing right now in my life.

I find myself thinking of certain things that I should be doing but aren’t and my thoughts going “but that’s just because...”. Then along comes this excuse-killer and stops me cold in my tracks. “It’s not ‘who I am’ but what I do that defines me” and I have to literally sit down and confront the reality that I had been evading and avoiding. And do something about it.

That little ditty has been pursuing me ever since. Somebody get it back to its owner and get a refund please! Then again, we, each of us, are its owner, and it can never be given away. And there are no refunds.

You can shut it up, paint over it, keep it out of sight, whatever. But in the end… there it is. Like the Joker, it smiles and smirks and laughs at your pitiful attempts to dislodge it. And if you still do nothing about it, then, like the Joker, it asks you a more sinister question, because the the consequences of your failure to confront it are similar to the metaphorical consequences of doing exactly what the question asks:

“Have you ever danced with the devil in the pale moonlight?”
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"Eat Bitter, Let Go, Have Love In Heart, Is Enough"

A heartwarming and touching Chinese New Year commercial (2005) from Malaysia. Nice scenes from real rural Malaysian life.

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Eat Bitter, Let Go, Have Love In Heart, Is Enough
A touching TV commercial for the 2005 Chinese New Year by acclaimed Malaysian director Yasmin Ahmad. She passed away yesterday from a stroke (, but her memory is saying this to us...

May I, may we, never forget the values that she so deftly depicted in all her films.

The literal translation of what the grandmother told the boy is something like "Able to eat the bitter, able to let go, have love in the heart, is enough"

(Zi de ku, kan de kai, yu ai xin, jiu ke yi le)

Our parents and their parents, and some of us have known such circumstances and surroundings (yes, even my ultra-hip, ultra-modern "baby sis", Ashley). Still, no matter how hard the times, how little we had, how tough it got, it was all about love, family, filial piety, understanding, forgiveness, friendship, etc. May I remember and be able to teach my children such things.

And give them roots as well as wings...


An older post I wrote back in 2008, newly imported into Posterous. Interesting perspective on what writing is about. If you consider yourself a writer, this might interest you

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We write because we must, we write because we are members of the human race. From the beginning of humankind to the present, we as a race have always been attempting to communicate in one way or another.

Writing is one of those ways.

We write because we're human. And we have stories to tell. Stories of love, of romance, of heroic struggles. We write because deep within us we must tell our stories, lest they (and the memory of "us") be lost to the winds of time. We write because we want to leave a legacy, a memory, in order that others may know that we had passed this way, and that we had lived.

Thus we write as a witness to our lives -- for ourselves and for posterity.

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To Make You Feel My Love

A little note I wrote to myself as a reminder to remember; to remember to be a loving husband and a loving father. Hope it inspires you too, especially if you're a dad.

The song may be originally a "romantic" song, but if you look at it closely, it is also a "song of commitment". And I commit my heart and soul to be such a man.

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My personal views of the world, which I sometimes say in verse and song what words alone fail to speak...

Beautiful, beautiful song. May I be such a man to my wife and such a father to my son.

When the day is done, and the hurts of life would bear her down, I will be there for my wife. When the slings and arrows of life pierces the heart and it hurts like dickens, I will be there for my son. And I will make them feel my love...
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A simple yet heartfelt video poem I made some time ago. Dedicated to all who read, who see and who listen -- with their heart
At times, we seem to be, and feel like, fluttering leaves buffeted by the winds of fortune;and thrown into the whirlpool of fate; life and destiny beyond our control.Sometimes the testimony of history testifies to this truth, making us feel like pawns (significant, yet, still pawns) in the epic of destiny.What are we, then?

Waiting No Fun

Waiting for the supplier's staff to get my order ready. Seems like ages. No fun for a guy who can't sit still. Sigh...

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