Nando's: "NO Request, Sir"

This is a Malaysia-specific post, with local language thrown-in, with apologies to international friends :-)

I used to loved eating at Nando's.

Yum...the mild-peri chicken grilled to perfection, the trademark garlic, peri and whatever sauces, the (new) grilled veggies. Yummy, yummy, yummy.

Alas, "used to" is the operative phrase. I don't go there anymore, much as I miss their (slurrrp) chicken. Cause they don't let their customers (that would be me) to request which part of the chicken they would like for their meals.

Let me explain.

One day, me and my wife (OK, that's bad grammar, but sounds about right for the way I'm tellin' this tale), well, like I said, me and the missus had a hankering for Nando's chicken one day. Went to one in a nearby shopping centre in Klang. Settled down to a nice cozy table. Hmmm...nice decor. I've always liked Nando's Mediterranean decor.

OK, let's order. "Waitress"

"Can I help you sir?"

"Yes, I'd like the quarter meal in mild-peri and for the sidelines I'd like grilled veggies and (I forgot the other side dish). And I'd like to have the thigh/drumstick part please"

"Yes sir", the waitress replied.

Then the missus ordered: "Quarter chicken in lemon and herbs. I'd also like the thigh/drumstick"

"Er, let me see first".

I didn't know what she wanted to "see" but I did see her talking to the "griller" who shook his head. The waitress came back and said, "Sorry sir, no requests"

Eh? No requests?

I told her that we've been coming to this same outlet many times and have always have our requests for thighs fulfilled. What happened?

Then she said, "You can only request one thigh, sir. But the both of you cannot make the request. Only one"


Again, I told her we had always been able to make TWO requests for thighs. So, off she went to ask the griller again. Back she came and said (while looking at her order pad, not at me) "Sorry sir. Memang tak boleh".

OK, tak boleh. So we got up from our seat and walked out. And I heard her shout to the griller "Tengok, I sudah cakap. Mesti dia marah"

Of course lah I marah!

I didn't see anywhere in the outlet where it says customers can't make requests of which parts of the chicken they want. All I could see was the waitress asking the griller and the griller shaking his head. I can only presume that he was too lazy to take out another chicken to get the second thigh. Or something like that.

And since the waitress said "Tengok, I sudah cakap", I can only surmise that the waitress protested to the griller but that the griller must have said something like "You cakap tak boleh, dia mesti OK punya", or something like that.

Of course, all this is just conjecture. Bottom-line is, when we go to Kenny Rogers Roasters, we can request each of our meals to have thighs. That's TWO thighs. When we go to KFC, we can ask for all the thighs we want. When we go to McDonald's, we can ask for thighs. Only at Nando's "memang tak boleh"


I no longer go to Nando's. When I want some nice, juicy roasted chicken, I go to Kenny Rogers.
When you have been given a mandate to lead, you have been given, in trust, the privilege to lead a specific segment of humanity in a specific sphere of human activity. Contrary to your own inflated opinion, you have NOT suddenly attained to the Throne of God and become as God Himself, able to govern the entire universe with a flick of your pinkie.

Therefore, lead and govern with all wisdom and humility, or suffer the consequence of being smote down by the will of the vox populi. Many a leader have fallen to the rocky seas of ignominy, seduced and tricked by the siren-song of a power-mad and ignorant ego that would not learn from history.

I know at least one such "leader" who have been repeating the same mistake for 30 years -- and keep on failing.

Leaders, beware!

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