Tethers To My Camel

If I do not give you the tethers to my camel, that's saying something: I don't trust you. If you tell me all about your camel, and I ain;t listening, that's also saying something: I'm not interested.

If you're trying to tell me that we must work together for the good of the collective camel, please, first look into a mirror. I know you; I know what you are; I trust the camel more than I trust you, kapisch? Your saying that we should take care of the collective camel (what collective camel?) is just a disguise to get me to use my talents, time and resources to take care of YOUR camel.

Oh, c'mon. Think you that I'm stupid?

Tsk,tsk, tsk...shame on you.


NOTE: The above is directed at those (whoever you are) who think they can pull wool over other people's eyes...
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