Freedom In Martial Ars

You, who train in Taekwondo -- you must decide what you're primarily doing it for. Martial Way (the Do), that is character-building? Self-defence? Sport?

Most of us, whilte enjoying the frequent or occasional sparring sessions, will never aim to be an Olympic champion.

Neither do we aim to train to be a super-commando-killer-ninja-assassin. We do it for health, or fitness, or recreational-sport, or as self-development.

So, it does not matter to us if we never go to the Olympics as a competitor. Perhaps, that goes for your students, too, if you're an instructor.

And so, we would be on solid ground to say that most of us study and teach Taekwondo for personal development -- and to "do" Taekwondo as a character-building, self-development activity needs no sanction from anyone.

You see the good you want to do, and you go ahead and do it.

You are free...

...and have no need of people to tell you what you can and cannot do. You have no need for anyone to "approve" of what you do. have no need of people who try to "bully" you by pointing out your inadequacies through insinuations, derogatory remarks, bullying behaviour, etc., etc.

You are free...

And remain free you must, if you are to be effective in being a great teacher of Taekwondo.

And you must speak out, speak up and speak free. You do not need to let anyone "cow" you or intimidate you into silence or acquiescence/submission. If "they" (whoever "they" may be) insist on speaking to you and treating you as "beneath them", then you are free to walk away.

Just walk away...

Better yet, join with those who have already walked away...and together, you can build a dream, and live your vision.

Martin Luther King, Jr once said, "I have a dream..." You, too, have a dream. Dream on, and share that dream with us.

And always, always...


Live free

MistsOf Yesteryears

Out of the mists of yesteryears,
I appear and speak to their hearts and souls,
Of words of love and truth and beauty,
Then, into the mists, again, I disappear.

Voices of Cedars When No Wind Stirs

Sixty-six times have these eyes beheld the
changing scenes of autumn;
I have said enough about moonlight,
Ask no more.
Only listen to the voice of pines and
cedars when no wind stirs.

- Ryonen, 16th century nun, on her deathbed.