GOOSEBUMPS! Songs Of The Spirit


Tears in my eyes, lump in my throat. That's what happens when one listens to "songs of the spirit".

By "Songs of the spirit" I do not mean religious songs, but songs that proudly and brilliantly displays the spirit of the one singing. They "own" the song, and when we see that glow in the eyes and that human spirit shine through, our eyes begin to tear, in recognition of that very spirit, that very human spirit residing within the performer...and within ourselves.

"Memory" is one such Song Of The Spirit. Witness the passion, the power and...yes...the spirit of the singers in these videos. They shine! They come from different backgrounds, and have different voices, but the same spirit.

From professional singers on stage to amateurs participating in talent shows, they sing their hearts out, and call out our own spirits, saying:

Be Magnificent!

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